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October 3, 2019  FinTech, Green Technology, GreenTech, Investments, PropTech, Smart grid, Solar

Willow Rivers Wealth Tech Rebrand

To celebrate 10 years of Willow Rivers we are having a Willow Rivers Wealth Tech Rebrand and change of focus. We will continue to offer cutting edge renewable energy projects to our corporate and retail clients and we will continue to help developers raise funds for sustainable projects and developments in the UK and overseas.

I am very excited to announce that we will now also be making a more conscious move into the technology side of the business. Ever since the implementation of the first smart meter and micro inverter on our solar panels, we have seen how greentech, fintech and proptech has revolutionised the renewable, property and green investment landscape.


Most importantly technology is making projects more profitable, easier to use, faster to implement and simpler to raise money for. We will not only be looking to implement more of these technologies in the projects we offer, but also raise funds and offer investment into these companies directly. We will be working with HNW investors and VC funds to identify the next unicorn tech companies using artificial intelligence. The company will be focusing on the following key areas:


  • Fintech
  • AI/deep learning 
  • Crowd funding 
  • Blockchain 


  • Greentech 
  • Smart metering 
  • Battery storage
  • Virtual power stations 
  • Vertical farming
  • Electric vehicles  
  • Rare earth metals

In conclusion, Willow Rivers will aim to be the market leader in renewable energy, property and green investment, while utilising the cutting edge of technology and artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with developers and investors and welcome your feedback below.

Willow Rivers Wealth 2.0 Rebrand

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