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We have partnered with one of Hungary’s premier GreenTech companies. Our clients have the opportunity to build a portfolio of geothermal units and receive a 15% income stream for 15 years. These scalable system allow multiple generators to a be deployed at a single heat source.

Situated in the Carpathian Basin these asset take advantage of the easily accessible geothermal ground water. The groundwater acts as a carrier of the thermal-energy.


We deploy your small-scale ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) generators on our site in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary to generate electricity. We will buy the electricity from you at a fixed competitive price of 3.29 pence.

Geothermal energy is a consistent energy source with outstanding potential. The technology is being leveraged to generate energy from underground geothermal reservoirs to meet Europe’s growing demand for clean energy.

Not only is the system cutting edge technology, we also utilise a bespoke monitoring system that can be viewed via the online portal anywhere in the world.


Our system offers a wide range of features, including technical data analysis of your geothermal generator(s), full reporting of energy production, operation and maintenance stats.  Your online portal will keep you informed about your assets, as well as any routine maintenance that is scheduled to take place for optimum performance.


To make sure we squeeze every last drop of energy out of the systems we use R-245fa one of the most advanced organic working fluids. It was designed and developed for Organic systems and has a much lower boiling point.


The ORC UNIT has a built in system which controls the operation of the generator and sends data to the main control system of the site.


Scalable system, allowing connection of multiple generators to a single heat source in parallel.


Our ORC generators are capable of utilising low grade temperature heat sources, and can operate at temperatures as low as 75 ℃ of geothermal water.


Your fixed PPA provides protection against future energy price changes and delivers a guaranteed high return for the term of your agreement. We pay a fixed 3.29 pence / kWh that is produced from your installation, which provides you with a 15% return on your investment.


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    European Solar Bond

    GreenTech Investment

    We have partnered with one of Europes premier GreenTech solar companies. Our clients have the opportunity to fund the build and development of utility scale solar asset and receive a 10% fixed income stream for the next 3 years.

    ‘We created Radiant Solar to take advantage of the highly profitable and rapidly growing solar energy market, with a particular focus on countries with strong economic outlooks and high demands for clean energy’.

    Poland Solar Investment
    Poland Solar Investment Paying 10% pa.

    The European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive dictates that by 2020, at least 20% of the final energy consumption across all member states must be from renewable sources.

    We have identified Poland as one of these markets, with great potential for growth in the solar sector.

    Poland’s economic future is looking exceptionally rosy, combining as it does old-fashioned methods for consistent and impressive growth with an increasing appetite for new technologies and industrial innovations. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the clean energy to power all this development – and that’s where we come in

    Poland’s economy has quietly expanded at an extraordinary rate. The only European country not to fall into recession over the last decade, Poland by contrast saw its GDP grow by 28.9% between 2009 and 2017.

    The combination of economics, the team and technology makes this a rock solid investment we are very happy to promote to our clients.

    Bond Investment Highlights: 

    • 3 Year term
    • Income option 8% (annually Y1 quarterly Y2 + Y3)
    • Deferred option 10%
    • Fantastic Management team including Giles Clark one of the UKs top solar advisors
    • UK investment vehicle
    • Great press surrounding the solar opportunity in Poland and recent investment from global players
    • 3 Sites secured, 1st site ready to build with 2 more to add in the coming months

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