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Cureoscity helps revolutionise the whole office experience through PropTech Investment. From the moment you enter the building your phone becomes your host.

Tap your phone at security, no more key cards! Next you may wish to order a coffee to your desk in just a couple of clicks. If you need a meeting room, no problem this can be booked from the app while in the elevator. Arrange your next personal training session in the gym downstairs and find out what social events are going on in the bar that evening.

The sky is the limit with this multi layered building management and concierge App.

Curiosity helps building owners unlock the value of the asset and transform the office experience, making the office a more desirable place to be for millions of users.

What differentiates this from the intranet I hear your say, the key difference is that the app is controlled and owned by the building. Asset owner can gain an understanding of what everyone is doing and how they are utilising the space.

The app has to be opened every morning and night to enter and leave the building so you have a captive audience you can promote and push opportunities to, sell events and even warn of problems such as traffic or maintenance. Users can also be tracked to optimised building layouts. Heat maps can be created through reporting software to develop marketing strategies to best utilise the asset and your built environment. This cutting edge piece of PropTech can be layered and customised for a total bespoke experience.

Key Features:

  • Native, white label configuration
  • Door access control
  • Amenity, space & event booking plus payment
  • Deliveries
  • IoT integration
  • Detailed insight & analytics
  • Highly secure and GDPR compliant

We hare helping to roll this out across buildings in the UK at the moment. Its already proving a hit with the BBC and the White City development.

Proptech Investment
Learn how Protect investment is shaping the way we use our buildings.

Nick Hiles, Asset Management Director for Stanhope said: “From the inception of White City we wanted to be able to engage and interact directly with our occupiers rather than be beholden to differing corporate firewalls. We therefore needed to have a robust digital solution that was centred on a customer platform that was relevant and would hold interest and fundamentally be used. We watched and studied the emergence of this area of PropTech for some time now, but were puzzled in what the value early adopters actually delivered and their longevity. Building from these we quickly realised that we could further and create something that would truly meet our needs both from a customer and management perspective, but hold excitement and use to our occupiers”. Press release details here.

We are currently looking for large commercial premises to further roll this opportunity out both here in the UK and internationally. The App can be tailored for single and multiple buildings and would be suitable for hotels as well as offices. If you think you have a building this might be suitable for please download the brochure buy submitting your details below. If you would like to speak to a member of the team please click here.

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