How to invest in Hydrogen

Waste to Energy & Green Hydrogen Plant, Fleetwood, England.

We have secured a waste-to-energy project in Fleetwood, Lancashire.  Our aim is to secure £5 million from investors to produce green hydrogen and electricity. Please read the below to find out how to invest in hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen

With the forecast demise of traditional fossil fuels in the foreseeable future there has been a huge upsurge of international interest in the development of hydrogen as a future clean energy carrier and worldwide developments are being publicised in the media on an almost daily basis.  Indeed it was announced only recently that the UK government would be inaugurating a hydrogen village by 2025 and that First Hydrogen Ltd would be setting up four sites specifically to generate fuel for hydrogen powered vehicles.

The market leader for the production of “green” hydrogen in UK today is presently ITM Power plc (www.itm-power.com) which designs and manufactures electrolysers based on proton exchange membrane technology in order to produce the gas from renewable electricity and water.  Despite operating out of sizeable and modern factory premises ITM is unable to keep up with current demand and part of their work is, therefore, contracted out to a number of reputable manufacturers.  One such contractor is David Bowie, one of our shareholders, which obviously gives us privileged access to first hand market knowledge.

The Opportunity-How to invest in hydrogen?

Hydrogen Investments
Green Hydrogen Investment

Speed is of the essence in order to secure the site, since the owner already has a competing offer in hand and our original financier has been forced to temporarily delay his participation due to other pressing family commitments.

The proposition is extremely attractive, as you will see from the model available, with an ungeared IRR of 30% and debt repayment of less than six years, leaving an average annual dividend of £13 million payable to shareholders.

*Full data room access can be made available upon signing of an NDA.

Start-up of commercial operations is predicted for January 2024 but may come forward a little, if we are able to reach early financial close.

It has been assumed that we will be able to provide £5 million as equity whilst borrowing up to £33 million, repayable in less than 6 years at an annual interest rate of 4.5% on the declining balance.  A debt service cover ratio of 1.2 is maintained throughout.

EPC Contractors

A comprehensive turnkey EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) contract will be undertaken with Tidy Planet Ltd of Macclesfield, Cheshire, which already has full performance guarantees in place. 

They commenced operations more than twenty years ago, specialising in the production of compost from food waste, and have since branched out into other forms of waste-to-energy.  They have already built plants at Gatwick Airport and at Goodwood Racecourse and have several others at various stages of development, claiming a track record of more than 60,000 operating hours in UK.

Sugimat of Spain has been selected to design, manufacture and supply the waste combustion plant which will have been configured specifically to handle RDF.  The company was founded in 1978 and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial boilers and combustion systems, including boilers designed especially to service Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCs), such as the one we are proposing here.

All necessary approvals are in place for a waste-to-energy facility based on a concept originally drawn up by Valmet of Finland submitted several years ago and certain amendments will now be necessary to cater for our proposed new design.  No particular complications are expected as the environmental credentials of our concept are already well established and internationally accepted.  The space taken up by our plant is also likely to be somewhat less obtrusive than that originally proposed and roof heights and chimney are likely to be lower. 

If this opportunity sounds of interest and you would like to know how to invest in hydrogen, please complete the below form and we will send a project overview and cashflow.

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