Energy Storage

Energy Storage Investment

5 Year Energy Storage Green Bond.

ICMA Compliant Green Bond Program, Issued By Sustainable PLC. The Most Efficient Way To Store Energy.

Pumped Thermal Storage is a method of storing energy from intermittent renewable energy, or recovering waste heat from commercial and industrial processes, so that it can be utilised on demand at times of peak energy need. Our green bond aims to invest in this technology and aid its global rollout.

Investment highlights include:

  • Disruptive new technical solutions
  • GBP £300m Corporate Bond Program
  • First Series (GBP) £28m, 8.21% PA
  • First Series (USD) $14m, 8.14% PA
  • 5 Year Term
  • Amortising from year 3 (please request FAQs for full detail)
  • Yield Paid Quarterly (8% escrowed cash reserve)
  • Truva Trustees (formerly GRM Law) hold assets under security
  • Charge over all shares, rights attached to shares, IP, patents and revenues
  • First-year of interest and expense reserve
  • Listed Dublin, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany
  • Bloomberg Green Ticker
  • Senior Secured Debt under English law
  • 2% Liquidity reserve (for redemptions)
  • Asset Backed Investment
  • Invest from only £100,000
  • Hands free fully managed investment.

Process Overview:

What is Energy Storage and how is Energy Storage Pty Ltd providing that?

Nearly 75% of all thermal energy produced by humanity is squandered as waste heat. The Problem is one of wastage, every bit of waste heat recycled into energy saves some fuel.

Renewable Energy Sources such as wind and solar are intermittent and are often produced at a time when the market doesn’t need it most (e.g. middle of the day for solar and middle of the night by wind).

Energy Storage can recover waste heat from industrial or commercial processes and store this heat. Plus excess or low-cost electricity from renewable sources can be converted to Thermal Energy and stored. It can then be reused as Heat or Converted back to Electricity at Peak Rates. This breakthrough disruptive technology involves a Phase Change Material (PCM) that quickly absorbs, stores and discharges energy on demand. The opportunity is to build a complete thermal PCM Battery System for industrial and large-scale infrastructure / utility applications.

Energy Storage
Store Green Energy Efficiently


ICMA Green Principles: Energy Storage Pty Ltd has engaged Sustainalytics as the world’s leading verification agency, to confirm the Green Credentials of the bond program in accordance with the four core components of the Green Principle 2018, namely:

  • Use of Proceeds
  • Process Evaluation
  • Management of Proceeds
  • Reporting

In addition to the above, Bloomberg has also awarded a “Green Ticker”

Income Generation

Long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have been agreed with National or Blue Chip tenants.

This will be a limited release and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you think you would like to be part of this ground breaking investment opportunity please fill out the below form and we will send you the latest investment prospectus.

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