Property Development Loans

Property Development Loans


We have secured 4 new development sites in the South East of England.

Investors are invited to fund these developments with loans backed by UK property and a first charge over the asset.

  • With returns ranging from 8-9%pa, yields far exceed savings accounts, and investments are asset-backed without the hassle of directly managing real estate.
  • A typical investment lasts 8 months, and rarely exceeds 12, so you can have quick access to returns and avoid the liquidity issues that other investment options pose.
  • Minimum investment is £100,000 and there is no upper limit.

Why do we say co-investing? Well our founding investor, Think Principal, provides at least 5% of the capital of every loan, and often much more. In fact, many of the team and their families also co-invest, so co-investors can be assured that every one is incentivised to make sure they are attacking risk from all angles; they don’t want to take unnecessary risks with their own capital.

About the Founder: Justin Stewart is a serial entrepreneur, previously building a chain of dental practices and a commercial property portfolio, before moving full time into Think.

If you would like to review the latest investment opportunities, please click on the link here to download the individual property reports, you will also find an investment brochure in the file.

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