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Responsible Investments

Willow Rivers Wealth started life some 12 years ago as a sustainable investment consultancy, helping private and institutional investors navigate the turbulent waters of early stage renewable energy investment. We have helped our clients develop and operate renewable energy assets across the globe and we continue to offer our services, buying and selling cutting edge projects in the most secure and profitable locations. Willow Rivers however has not stood still, we have evolved into one of the leading investment advisors in the Proptech, Fintech and Greentech sectors. Helping HNW investors and VC firms to identify the next major trends and technology solutions for the sustainable built environment. Our nimble, global and multidisciplinary approach allows access to some of the world's most transformative investment opportunities in property, renewable energy and agriculture and technology. The world is on the verge of incredible change due to technological advances in AI, the blockchain, 5G and smart grids and we hope you join us as we support our investors on the next stage of this increasingly complex journey.

Return on investment

Together, this convergence of investment knowledge and advisory services delivers exceptional returns for our investors. Our clients can achieve first mover advantages on emerging trends, leverage new technologies, and build resilient portfolios.
Our unique model incubates innovation and creates value for the entire global ecosystem.

About us

Willow Rivers (WR) was founded by Ben Jefferis back in 2009 on the back of the last financial crisis. Having worked in real estate for the previous 7 years he saw an opportunity to diversify clients into the new world of renewable energy.
The UK Government was just launching it's fledgling feed-in-tariff scheme and WR assisted investors in locking in a government back 25 year income stream.
The company went from strength to strength, moving from domestic to commercial to ground mount solar.
WR would later diversify clients into biomass, CHP, GSHP, geothermal, solar-thermal and wind as well as property and agricultural land development through crowdfunding.
With these assets classes now well established, the next move is into finding technology solutions that maximise these assets potential, integrate through smart grids and virtual power networks and benefit the wider society.
If you have a technology or development you would like to discuss with us please get in touch . If you are an investor or fund and would like to discuss our current portfolio please reach out on the contacts below. We expect the next 12 years to be just as exciting as the last and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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