Crypto Mining

Liquid Cooled FPGA, The Fastest, Cleanest, Most Profitable Way To Mine

FPGA mining is the most cost effective way to mine cryptocurrency. This groundbreaking liquid cooled FPGA technology makes crypto mining profitable, even in a bear market given it’s incredible processing speed.

Our liquid cooled FPGA mining rig offers many benefits including:

  • Power consumption,
  • Speed
  • Reprogrammable chip.
  • Private and bespoke algorithms
  • Generate $5-10 a day
  • Asset Backed Investment
  • Invest from only €3,000
  • Hands free fully managed investment.

The FPGA technology is traditionally used in driving autonomous cars and the space sector. We have reprogrammed it to become the worlds most profitable commercial mining operation.

We haven’t just used the worlds most advanced computing power, we have also combined it with cutting edge liquid cooling. Using a non-conductive fluid made of silicon, the boards can be cooled through a heat exchanger, using much less energy than traditional noisy fans.

The net result is a board that is both lightning fast and very cheap to run on electricity.

Liquid Cooled FPGA Minign
Willow Rivers FPGA Crypto Mining – Liquid Cooled.

Unlike traditional ASIC and GPU systems this can not be ran from a spare room or office, this specialist kit needs a data centre to optimise its performance.

So we are offering investors a hosted solution at our dedicated data centre in the Netherlands. We have secured a fully insured site, with access to cheap electricity. We also have some of the brightest minds in the industry who will be responsible for building the hardware and writing the exclusive algorithms to mine the crypto coins.

It is therefore necessary to develop private mining algorithms and to keep these private for WR clients. Our aim is to launch a new private mining algorithm every 1-2 months for our clients. That way you are assured of the best returns mining right coins.


The speed equals the same as 30 to 100 Nvidia Gtx 1070 cards. And the power consumption is only 300-350 watts, this is a reduction of 90-95%! Due the high speed and low power consumption, FPGA mining is the only profitable mining solution in a bear market. In addition, there are excellent 2 year warranty options for the FPGA cards

Liquid Cooled FPGA Mining
Crypto Mining Liquid cooled FPGA,

Thanks to our highly committed collaboration with listed FPGA producer Xilinx, we can guarantee a 24 or 36 month guarantee on all our miners.

This creates a ROI of 60 to 100% on investment within the depreciation period. Through our own team of FPGA experts and cryptocurrency experts who are analysing the right algorithms 6 days a week, we strive to release a new private mining algorithm every 1 – 2 months.

By developing these private mining algorithms you will gain a profit of 5-10 dollars per day per mining server! This depends on various factors such as price rise/fall and the difficulty of the network. The returns in the bull market are many times higher and can reach high points of 30 dollars a day. In addition, it is also possible to connect the algorithms to Nicehash to directly mine Bitcoins via the Nicehash platform.


• 30 to 100 times faster than GPU mining

• 3 to 10 times faster than ASCIS mining

• Only 300-350 watts

• 90-95% less power consumption

• 24 to 36 months warranty

• Best ROI (return of investment)

• Private Bitstream Development

• Mining 5-10 $ a day

Return On Investment

Below is a screen shot from one of our clients Coinbase accounts, showing his returns in Bitcoin over the past 4 months from one machine.
Example of a clients returns to date

This is a limited release due to the restrictions of our datacenter and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you think you would like to be part of this ground breaking investment opportunity please fill out the below form and we will send you the latest investment prospectus.

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